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Evangelical Christianity covers almost every age, ethnic culture and income-group found in the Southern Ontario region.
For more than a quarter-century, Christian Herald has been serving the Christian community in Southern Ontario.

One of the largest-circulation independent Christian newspapers in Canada, Christian Herald is dedicated to providing solid reporting that local Christians can’t get anywhere else. We report on local and international news, upcoming events and each edition features reviews of Christian books, music and movies that rarely, if ever, get mentioned in mainstream media reporting.

A minimum of 20,000 print copies* of each issue are printed and distributed free-of-charge into more than 500 churches, bookstores, colleges and businesses throughout Southern Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe region.

As a free publication, Christian Herald connects with Christians of all ages, races and income levels. We have found that, in general, Youth and Singles are primarily engaged with our event, movie and music coverage, whilst Adults and Seniors are drawn to our News, Columns and Feature coverage, including the Books and Travel sections.

Our independence also affords us a much wider readership than typical church-based publications. Christian Herald is distributed in the lobbies of dozens of different Christian denominations including Alliance, Anglican, Associated Gospel, Baptist, Charismatic, Christian Reformed, Church of God, Foursquare, Independent, Lutheran, Messianic, Methodist, Nazarene, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Salvation Army, Vineyard and many others.

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