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How to support our work


With the current upheaval in the publishing world, we have been getting questions from readers asking how
The Christian Herald is faring, and what they can do to help us.


Publishing a free, ad-supported newspaper in today's economic climate has indeed become more challenging. Distribution through churches, colleges and businesses is still as solid as ever, but advertising is harder to source as the current economic climate has led to advertising cutbacks by event promoters, retail stores, businesses and schools.


We remain committed to the publishing of a free printed newspaper - no other medium offers such wide coverage across all segments of the local church - rich and poor, young and old. In fact, we hope to soon extend our distribution coverage through streetbox locations across Southern Ontario, allowing the unchurched to read about what the Lord is doing in our cities and around the world.


1. Prayer

We first ask for your support in prayer. Please add us to your personal and church prayer lists.

Please pray for the Lord to send wisdom, favour, strength and courage to the Herald's management and staff, for the story writers, editors, advertising salespersons,  and others in their daily efforts to create a quality Christian newspaper that showcases the work of the Lord in our cities, towns and in places across the world. A paper that informs and inspires the Church on to even greater things, and offers a window of salvation to the unchurched who may read it.

       Also pray for peace and protection for the volunteer distributors who travel the roads each month, delivering the paper to the hundreds of churches, schools and businesses across Southern Ontario. Ask that the Lord protect them as they go out and spare them from inclement weather and other road hazards.

      Some Christians also go through each issue of the Herald prayerfully, praying for the ministries and issues mentioned in each edition.

      If your church or prayer group does this, please let us know.


2. Donations

From time to time we do receive donation cheques in the mail, although we are registered as a for-profit organization.

(Registering as a for-profit allows us to comment more freely on political topics.)

As such, we cannot provide tax receipts for any donations.


If you still feel called to send a donation to support Christian Journalism in Canada, we thank you for your support.

You can send a cheque or money order payable to The Christian Herald. Mail your donation to:


The Christian Herald

P.O. Box 68526,

Brampton, Ontario L6R 0J8


3. At Your Church

Please keep an eye out for the Herald in your church, and ensure it is unwrapped and available for pickup. If you notice that your church needs more (or fewer) copies, please let us know and we'll contact the staff and arrange it. Remind church staff to let us know about major events, newsworthy initiatives and congregational anniversaries.


4. Advertising

We continue to feel a call to build out networks and support for Christian businesses in the Southern Ontario region. Here's how you can help: If you own a Christian business, or know of a business that would be willing to advertise in the Herald, please send us a contact name or pass on a copy of the publication yourself.

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