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Bulk Subscriptions


Your organization can receive a supply of The Christian Herald newspaper

free of charge each month.

Deliveries can be made to churches, ministry offices, schools and businesses.


Permission to start church delivery must come from a staff member of the organization.

To inquire about starting church delivery, send an email to us specifying:


• Name, address and phone number of church;

• Nearest traffic intersection;

• Approximate number of attendees on a typical Sunday morning;


The Christian Herald will follow up the request with a staff member accordingly.


Non-church building delivery

If your church meets within a school, library, community centre or hotel ballroom,

door-to-door delivery is generally not available.


Please assign one member to pick up copies from the closest bookstore location.

Be sure to register with us, so we can let you know by email when new issues are out.

We ask churches to register so we can better estimate how many copies are needed at each store.


Postal Subscriptions

If you're outside our free distribution area, or would simply like the convenience of having The Christian Herald mailed directly

to your home or office each month, you can order a personal subscription.


• Canadian Subscriptions cost $28.25 ($25.00 plus HST) for 12 issues.

• U.S. Subscriptions cost $49.95 for 12 issues. (Canadian Funds)

• Overseas Subscriptions cost $69.95 for 12 issues. (Canadian Funds)


To order a subscription, download this form and mail it (with your cheque or money order) in to:


Subscriptions, The Christian Herald,

P.O. Box 68526,

Brampton, ON Canada L6R 0J8

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