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The Christian Herald


While much of our content is created or assigned internally,

we do, from time to time, print various submissions sent to us by freelance Christian writers.


Types of submissions

We do accept (email) queries from interested Christian writers.

The Christian Herald publishes:


• News Stories

• Feature Articles

• Newsmaker Profiles (Including Christian newsmakers in Ministry, Politics, Sports, Media or Business)

• Ministry Profiles

• Book and Music reviews

• Concert and Theatre reviews

• Cinema, DVD/Blu-Ray and On Demand Movie reviews

• Travel Destination profiles

• Event Photography, Editorial Cartoons, Maps and Illustrations


All submissions should be sent electronically, as we do not return manuscripts by mail. We do not currently accept poetry.


You can send your finished article for consideration, but ideally writers should send a query to us at to see if your story idea fits our format and our editorial schedule. Remember to give a detailed explanation of the proposed article, along with word-count, any fee expectations, proposed deadlines and always declare any personal interest in the subject matter. Also, include information on yourself, your church and ministry background and links to previous samples of your work. Contact us with your query today!


Suggest A Story

Know about breaking news, or a local congregation story, event or anniversary?

Do you think there's an issue or idea that is relevant to Southern Ontario's Christian community and should be explored by our publication?

Send us a tip and let us know!


Letters to the Editor

The Christian Herald welcomes submissions and feedback from the Christian Community or other interested parties, in the form of Letters to the Editor. Viewpoints expressed in submissions are not necessarily those of the publishers. The Management of The Christian Herald reserves the right to refuse or edit submissions and advertisements on the basis of legal, space or taste considerations. Send your letter to us here.

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